Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses have a production time of 4-12 weeks depending on when you place your order. Most dresses ship within 6-8 weeks unless you have a very difficult request or imported fabrics.  

Average Production Time:
September-December 4-8 weeks
January-March *Due to high demand orders placed after Feb 7 will take 8-10 weeks to ship
April-August 8-12 weeks

I highly recommend placing your order at least 16 weeks before your wedding date.  
Please allow more time if you're overseas.

If you need your dresses in a rush there is a $25 fee per dress.  Rush orders are completed in 2-4 weeks.

Available Dress Styles:
There are 8 bridesmaid mix and match dress options. The dresses have a lined bodice and can be chosen in solid fabrics - prints are available on request.

All 8 dress styles are available in sizes 00-16

Plus Sizes:
Amy, Claire, Kelly and Helen are available in sizes 18-24W
Amy and Claire are available in larger sizes upon request.  

Additional options:
White or Ivory Trim -$15

Hidden Pockets $15

1/2" straps $15

Tea Length (longer than 28 inches from waist to hem) ($20-$75 depending on fabric chosen)

Full Length ($35-$100 depending on fabric chosen)

Sash $25 (cotton), $25 (poly shantung or satin), $50 (silk dupioni)

There is no additional cost for solid cotton fabrics.  There is an additional cost of around $10-20 per dress for print fabrics.  


I recommend reserving your listing ASAP because I get so backed up during wedding season that I just can't take everyone's order.  A reservation allows me to prep your fabric and it guarantees I will be able to make your order.

The reservation cost is 25% of your estimated order total.  The deposit can be applied to your final total or refunded once your whole order ships.  This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the order.

Measurements and Dress Sizes
These dresses are made to fit the measurements listed.  These are not the actual garment measurements.

Custom Measurements:

I do not charge extra for custom measurements but please keep in mind that I do not recommend custom measurements to most girls.  The best option is to pick a size from my list and have a seamstress custom fit the dress for you locally.  I generally recommend custom measurements for unusual proportions.  If you're very tall or very short, if you have a large cup size or you typically have clothing custom made.  
Even with custom measurements you should set aside a budget for alterations since it's very difficult to get a perfect fit without an in-person fitting.  Alterations are typically very minor and usually cost somewhere between $25-$75 depending on where you live and the difficulty of the alteration.  

If you do choose custom measurements I highly recommend having these measurements taken by a professional since many girls who submit measurements taken at home have mistakes.

If you're sending custom measurements I need the following:

Bridesmaid Name:
Dress Style Chosen:
Bra Size
Bust (measure around the widest part)
Waist (measure around the narrowest part)
Hip (measure around the widest part)
Dress length from waist to hem

Optional measurements -these will help get an even better fit but they are not required.  I strongly recommend sending these in especially if you're short, tall or have unusual proportions (ex: muscular body, broad back, long torso):

Neck Circumference

Back shoulder width
Bicep Circumference
Back Waist Length

Setting up your order:
Before I can set up your order I will need to know the following information:

How many girls are in your party?
When is your wedding?
Are your girls checking out separately?

I will also need you to send me a list with all of your bridesmaid’s style and sizing info:
Bridesmaid Name
Dress Style
Skirt Length from natural waist to hem (you can enter n/a for standard length)
Color and Add ons

Once you send this list I will set up a listing for you and send you links to your listings that you will be able to give to your girls so they can check out.  
If your girls are checking out separately I will need to collect a 25% deposit.  This deposit is refundable once your order ships.  It is non-refundable if you cancel the order.  
The deposit allows me to purchase all of your fabrics and start working on your order before all of the girls check out.  This also prevents any delays in production time.  

100% Cotton (no additional fee per dress)

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