Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free T-shirt Pattern Download of my Cami/Tube Top corset pattern

Many of you might be surprised to find out that I got my start re-designing band t-shirts as a way to make some extra cash at my bartending job in New York.  I discovered that if I wore reconstructed shirts of the bands I loved, I had better conversations with the customers and even better, I got amazing tips!  At some point, I started selling my shirts to bar patrons and I soon found that I was making more money off my shirts than in tips!

I made thousands of versions of this pattern and eventually started to sell the actual pattern in my Etsy shop.

I'm now  making this pattern available for FREE personal use.  This pattern was handmade by me so please do not re-distribute it or sell it - that would be incredibly greedy and uncool of you.  You are free to sell items you make with this pattern, but you are not allowed to sell the actual pattern!  If you share your project, please share a link to this page. 


You can also check out a picture tutorial here:

All of these photos are from a collection of shirts I designed for Tori Amos.  The photographs were taken several years ago by one of my favorite photographers, Eric Wimberly.  Please check out his current work, it's really beautiful. 

photo by Eric Wimberly
photo by Eric Wimberly
Photo by Eric Wimberly

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