Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yellow Desk Milk Paint Makeover

When I moved into my new workspace, I needed a small, inexpensive desk for my laptop and a few other things. I found this tiny wooden desk at a local thrift shop. It was only $10.

I didn’t like the 80’s filing-cabinet lavender, but I could have lived with it. What I couldn’t live with was the hideous faux-wood laminate top. I used a putty knife to pry it off very carefully, starting at the corners, working my way in. 

It turns out that the laminate top was covering a split in the wood that ran across the entire desktop.

Since I wanted full adhesion and a buttery smooth finish, I sanded the whole thing with 220-grit.

I filled the crack with Elmer’s wood glue and the other small imperfections with wood putty.

Here it is with one coat of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow. Even though milk paint sticks to unfinished wood, I mixed the paint with the bonding agent to make sure that it would not chip while sanding to a smooth finish.

After a second coat of paint (no bonding agent added), I sanded with 220-grit followed by 320-grit. Lastly, I rubbed with whole thing down with hemp oil to bring out the rich, smooth color.

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