Monday, November 5, 2012

Black and White Stripe Dress Sketches

I made these quick sketches for a client this week.  She's having a really neat and colorful wedding and asked if I could design some striped dresses for her bridesmaids.
I found two different sizes for striped fabrics - the very small stripes are a 1/4" wide satin material.  This option is my favorite because the fabric is very easy to take care of.
The second swatch is a 1/2" wide striped cotton fabric.  The fabric is easier to work with but it wrinkles easier than the satin.  I do like the look of the wider stripe though.

The final sketch is for a color block black and white dress.  This option is probably the most cost effective and easy to source because I don't need a printed fabric.

I think the idea of these dresses with a colorful bouquet and sash is so gorgeous!  And very different from a traditional bridesmaid dress.  I love that the design of these dresses is casual enough to make them wearable after the wedding.  I hope she likes these - I'd love to make them. 

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