Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

This time of year is always so hectic for me.  I'm usually prepared and since most of my selling is done online I am usually able to take a whole week vacation between Christmas and New Years.  This year is a little different though.  Even though I never dreamed I'd be a bridal designer it has somehow slowly crept up on me and this time of year is really busy.  I have several weddings booked between March-June who's dresses I need to start working on immediately after the holiday rush.  And since I'm planning a big move next summer I really don't see any time for a vacation.  Actually - unless I figure out a way to work faster I am fully booked for weddings for all of June and July too!

I went to Grandma Party in Orlando and had a blast!  Since it was in Orlando I got to see a ton of old friends.
We were also super lucky to get nice neighbors - I always show up to craft shows with a little fear for who I might be next to - I think it's trauma from a show I did a few years ago, but it hasn't gone away.
Luckily everyone around us was amazing!  My cousin Corina and I couldn't stop eating the chocolate truffles from our super nice neighbor

I stole this pic from my friend Frances' facebook - I had a camera on me all day and didn't take a single pic :(

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  1. being busy is good! happy holidays!

    <3 steffy