Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I move too much!

I have been so busy lately it's unreal!  I'm moving to a new workspace (again!) this week and the only thing I'm happy about is that it's much larger than my current space.  But I'm kind of dreading this move because it's only for 6-7 months.  I have to move because my current landlord refused to let me stay on a month to month or a short lease.  This took so much time out of my work schedule because I had to spend days trying to find someone who would rent a space short term.  But the idea of staying in Fort Myers for another year is worse!

These are the last set of pics from my shoot with Sarah - we shot one more dress but we lost our light and the pics came out too dark.

The turquoise dress is amazing in person!  It sparkles all over but it's so hard to capture that on camera.  I did take some video of it with my flipcam but I'm still trying to find the time to edit the footage.

This capelet is one of my favorite pieces - it's made of vintage fabric I found while antique shopping a few weeks ago.  It's beaded silk chiffon and I lined it with silk lining fabric.  I added a hook and eye closure at the center front.  This piece had to be entirely hand sewn because of how delicate the beadwork is.  It's such a cute evening piece - I'm having the hardest time not keeping it for myself.

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