Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coats and Clark zippers are no good!

I usually try to steer away from posting anything negative but I've had it with Coats and Clark zippers!
I normally use YKK but since I moved to Naples I'm having a hard time finding them locally.  I try to keep a good stock of them but every once in a while I run out and have to buy a zipper locally.
I've had zippers break on me every once in a while and I always figure they can't all be winners.  But in the last two weeks I've had four Coats and Clark zippers break on me!

I was sewing a dress today and the zipper broke while I was inserting it!  And I had a zipper break on me during a photoshoot last week - it was so embarrassing since most people are not going to blame it on the zipper - they're going to blame it on shoddy workmanship!  Which is crazy since the Coats and Clark zippers are more expensive than YKK.

I did a little research and realized that although Coats and Clark did make their zippers in the United States for a long time, they are now making them in China and packaging them in the United States.  YKK zippers are still being made in the USA.  I feel that companies who have taken production to China have really lowered their quality standards.

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