Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sewing Chiffon

I finally made my first garments with chiffon fabric. In all of my years of sewing I had never had the chance to actually sew with chiffon. My favorite fabrics to work with are jerseys, and since many jerseys have a similar effect I just always took the easy route.
It ended up being simpler to work with than I expected. I've heard many people say chiffon is the hardest fabric to work with. But I found that by taking my time, making sure my machine tension was set accurately and investing in the right needle and thread it was pretty simple.
The only thing I really found a little annoying is that I like to use fabric weights when I cut to avoid spending too much time pinning my pattern to my fabric. The chiffon had to be pinned because it wanted to move away from my scissors when I cut it.
I discovered that I'm in love with this fabric! It is so soft and drapes so well. I think it's the perfect fabric for summer clothes. I'm planning on designing many items in this fabric.

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