Thursday, January 28, 2010

They can't all be winners: Outtakes Jan 27 shoot

I like to show where I'm shooting so you can see that these aren't magical spots hidden from the public with perfect lighting. Cars drive by, guys stop and stare, people honk, and the sun get in the way (or worse, it disappears). Most of this week's pics were shot on the Rollins College campus. Most of the campus looks like this: beige buildings, street lights, palm trees, and champagne colored cars. I try to use something I call the 12 inch rule. Which is to simply concentrate on an area no more than 12 inches around the model. So if there's an ugly mailbox 13 inches to the left, no problem because you're only gonna shoot (or crop the pic) to show the area immediately surrounding the model.
I was so excited about this top. Unfortunately, we ran out of daylight and all of the pics I took were really crappy. I really tried to make this pic work. Aside from cropping and resizing I don't Photoshop any of my pics. Once you start messing with the image colors you change the way the clothing looks. Here the overhead light killed us. The model's skin is definitely not that color. So this one will have to wait. I'll re-shoot it the next time I go out and hope to get some better pics. You'd never know it by the model's face, but this was a very busy part of campus. Guys were opening and closing this big heavy door right behind me and it was loud and each time it opened there was a huge gust of wind - not at all ideal shooting conditions. Also, I know the hanging moss in the back makes it look all steamy and warm. Think again! It was about 58 degrees - not tank top weather.
Again, the palm trees and pond sure give the impression of a balmy Florida evening, but it's January and 55-58 is cold when you're not used to it. Don't get me wrong, it aint like Ontario, but for us, it's cold. The lack of sun really made this pic tough. If you look at my Etsy account you'll see more pics of this dress in the same location - except there's daylight. We fought with the sun waiting for it to fall into a position where we could shoot and not blind either one of us. I actually kind of like this picture. The crappy lighting and bleak flash make it look like something out of the American Apparel catalog - funny!.
Anyway, it goes to show, things are not always sunny in sunny Orlando.

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