Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indie Design Mood Board


Sometimes my head is just too full of ideas to hold everything so I use this simple board and push pins to help gather my thoughts. Here's a look at some of the things I'm thinking about for my upcoming designs and how they inspire me.
Starting at the top left corner and moving clockwise:

I like the photo of the gal leaning against the pole because of the warm sky and sand. I know it's probably colder where you are, but Florida has a way of being the coldest place on Earth (for Floridians).

Next you'll see some individual cut outs. There's nothing really sublime about any of these. I just found a few things I liked over the last few months and posted them. It's kind of like highlighting in a textbook.

The Banner Pilot 'thing' is actually a hand screened LP sleeve that was given to me by Brian at Kiss of Death records. I cut it to about seven inches and stapled around the sides and now use it to hold important papers - I took the papers out for the photo because they looked kind of messy.

Next, in the top right corner is the rotating color wheel. I don't care how well you know your contrast and analogous colors, this is a very useful tool - get one.

Below the color wheel are a couple of Jo-Ann's coupons. You never know when you're gonna need a new pair of scissors and 40-50% off will sure help. Keeping them on the board reminds me that I have them.

Under the coupons is a free pamphlet on grommets I got at Jo-Anns. It's free knowledge, why not grab one? I've also got a bunch of pins jumbled up there and a few fabric swatches from my Fall collection.

The pattern is really cool. It's from the 60's. I generally don't use patterns, but I really liked this one. I tried using it and, like many commercial patterns, it didn't fit me right. One of these days I'll make the necessary changes.

You can just barely see a postcard from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some people like the pyramids, some like France, I like South America.

Next you'll see some sheet music. You might have guessed, from all the guitars in my pictures, that we're pretty musical over here. I've started playing the fiddle. Some people call it a violin, but I play the fiddle. The sheet music is a popular Irish jig called the Swallow Tail Jig.

At the bottom left you'll see more pics that I like. I mostly like the lighting. I'm always doing photoshoots, and am in no way a photographer, but I like to try to add a little something extra to my pics.

Finally, in the middle, you can see a set of my own illustrations. They're nothing fancy, but in school you gotta learn to do it, so I try to draw stuff out from time to time.

There you have it. That's what's making me tick at this moment. I change this thing all the time. I'm always looking for new things and ideas. If you design anything I recommend you try using one of these things.


  1. This is very cool! What a great idea :) Now I'm inspired to create one of my own - I usually create soundtracks for the stuff I'm writing, so this is sort of a visual soundtrack. I dig it!

  2. Soundtracks work great. My boyfriend does that for his writing. Also, when I'm designing new pieces I often think of particular bands or albums and say, 'I want this piece to appeal to fans of this band.'

  3. The dresses in the middle looks terrific! I can't wait to see them made of fabric!