Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting ready for Atomic Holiday Bazaar

This year I'll be setting up a table at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar in Sarasota, FL. Generally, I wouldn't do a large show or convention this close to the holidays, but I've been planning for this one. Planning is the make or break factor in running a (really) small business.

Too many people play it by ear and cross each bridge when they come to it, but they don't plan for the next bridge. I usually try to look waaaay into the future when it comes to events.

Here's what I've done this year to get ready for the show: several months ago, when I was invited I immediately came up with a plan, even before I submitted my application - think about it, there's no use applying if you're just going to throw something together at the last minute. My plan was to start saving remnant fabrics and begin using them to make limited and one of a kind pieces for the show. Normally I use solids that I buy in large rolls and combine with style lines. But for the show I thought I'd go the recycled route. I've been collecting pieces of fabric for months now. I began making samples about two months ago.

Since I'd be selling pieces made from recycled fabric I then started putting some remnant and recycled items on Etsy to help get myself out there with the kind of people I might find at the show. In a sense I have building brand recognition.

The show is now less than two weeks away and I have a huge batch of stuff to bring. Lots of it is made from the same fabrics as items currently posted in my etsy shop. This way, when people walk by my table there's a chance they'll recognize something they see - at least part of it.

Here are a few pics of the items I've recently made. These are pretty much all made from 100% remnant fabrics.


  1. I'm excited for you, I hope you sell out of everything!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the purple one, best. Good luck!!