Friday, October 30, 2009

Vintage Hot Rod Fabric Handbags

What's up with those handbags?

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I've been trying to use and re-use as much remnant fabric as I possibly can. I always save large cuts of fabric for later use, but it was starting to pile up. I had no choice: it was time to clear out my studio.

The fabric used to make this rockabilly rat rod tote bag is not your average scrap. Years ago, while antique shopping in South FL I found this bolt of mustard hot rod fabric that was left over from the early 60s. It was the coolest fabric I had ever seen, however, the color and hard texture made it very difficult to use as apparel fabric. I thought about making curtains, but never got around to it.

I did some poking around to see what I could find out about this golden fabric.

About four years ago I put a few yards up for auction and it went for about $50.00 PER YARD, WOW!!! People were writing, begging for more.

After selling some of it I tried to sit down and make those drapes, but couldn't think of how to make them work in my place. So I posted a couple more yards and I actually got hate mail from one of the people who bought the first cuts. She wrote, "WTF! why didn't you post this together? You didn't tell me you had more!!" - just one of the reasons I hate eBay.

I held on to a couple yards and that's what I found hidden in my stacks, and used to make these three bags.

I think I finally found what this fabric was made for. The size of the print, bright color, and tough texture are perfect for tote bags. I'm really proud of these and I think they could be the perfect accessory for the right person.

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