Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turning old stuff into new stuff.

The dresses pictured above are part of a new project I'm working on. I have been holding onto these bolts of fabric for years just waiting for inspiration to kick in. Realistically I probably wasn't going to do much with them. But that all changed the other night. Talking to friends who were very disappointed with their financial aid checks this semester, I found that everyone is kind of - if not totally - broke. I knew things were tight, but I've been broke forever. Seeing that everyone I know (even my 9 to 5 friends) are all in the poorhouse got me thinking about ways to bring my prices down. So I put those old bolts of fabric into action. I've turned the idle fabric into a new batch of lower priced dresses. Most of the black accents are made from scraps that were headed for the dumpster. By using these old fabrics I'm clearing out space, and using materials that weren't going to get used. It's almost like getting free fabric. So I carried the discount over.

The fabrics kind of have that 80's appeal so I shot the pics on my dress form and used Photoshop to white out the background. I then traced in the outline of the dress form to make it look like an 80's Contempo Casual storefront. This also keeps the cost down. Live photoshoots with real models get expensive and are time consuming. I was able to shoot everything in under an hour and keep working.

These pieces are up on my Etsy account right now, and even though I don't think they'll be the most popular things I've ever made, I do think they're worth the time it took to make them. By dropping the prices to lower than normal I'm hoping to bring in some new buyers, broke buyers. Don't get me wrong, a millionaire could rock any of these with ease, but they were designed with thriftiness in mind.

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  1. i think that is an excellent way to utilize that excess fabric. and the photoshop effect looks so cute! you really are an inspiration for the underdog Patricia. Thank you