Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lizard in my photoshoot

Yesterday this lizard kept getting in the way of my photo shoot. For most people (not from Florida) these little guys are very exotic. Down here they are everywhere. I'm not really a reptile person, but I do think they're cute with their little toes, mouths, and smiles.

I kept shooing him away, and he kept coming back. It turns out this guy just wanted some time on the runway. I turned on the flash and let him strike a pose. After he did his thing on the catwalk he took off to the after party and we didn't see him again. I guess all that attention went to his head.


  1. Now I'm absolutely terrified of lizards (thankfully they aren't seen often in New Zealand cities) but he's kinda cute. In a freaky, lizardy kinda way!

  2. My cousin is a tree surgeon in New Zealand. All of my relatives and out of town friends are always freaked out by these 3 inch long dinosaurs. In the spring they turn lime green. The best thing about them is that they eat bugs. There are lots of bugs I'm scared of.