Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Little Prince Tattoo - it's about time

It says, "That which is essential is invisible to the eye." Turn off your iPod and dwell on that for a minute.

When I'm not making new clothing I have a side gig writing for Prick magazine (a regional tattoo 'zine). So I'm sure you can imagine I see lots of ink. I'm always surprised by how many people tattoo bands' names, boyfriends' names, scenes from trendy TV shows (like the numbers from Lost), and all kinds of other transient things on their bodies. However, I rarely see literary tattoos.

So when I see a really cool tattoo that pays homage to a book, I like to step back and admire it. A young lady recently sent me pictures of her ink depicting scenes from my favorite book, The Little Prince. It's the book you often see lurking in the background of my Etsy pics.

I wish more people were into books. Perhaps, if we weren't all suffering from self-induced A.D.D. and could pull our collective heads out of our asses long enough to read something cover to cover and understand it enough to make it meaningful enough to tattoo on our bodies, our country might not be this downward spiral.

The tattoo pictures came with an email, and within that email was something I just had to re-quote. The writer told me: "I'm amazed at how many people look at my arm and tell me it's terrible line work, they're crooked, they're not closed...etc...if they had read the book they would know that the line work is amazing!"

Why haven't more people read this book? It's about 100 pages with TONS of cute pictures and short words - after all, it is written for children. I've become a better person after reading this little book (about 200 times).

If you're interested in learning more about this wonderful book here's a link to the Wikipedia page.


  1. Holy crap, that tattoo is amazing.
    It kinds of inspires me to go read that book now. Considering, this chick got it permanantly put on her body, and you love it.

  2. It's also a cartoon from the 80's. The Little Price is also on the 20 Franc bill in France. It's a pretty important book and definitely worth reading.

  3. Wow, my aunt got me this book after going through a rough period and it really god me to open my eyes. I assume the person with the tattoo had a good reason to get it tattooed to her body. Little Prince is so inspiring and so is her tattoo!