Friday, September 25, 2009

response to rude email

I got a very rude email first thing this morning from someone who was unhappy that their shirt was taking so long. I checked, she's been waiting 72 hours, not days - hours. Rather than post the entire email I'll post the most astute observation contained within:

"You only have like 10 things on your site why am I waiting so long for my order, thank you"

What a keen inference: I only have "like 10 things" on my site so I must not have anything to do. I wonder if Scotland Yard is missing a detective. Here's a picture of what I have currently on the chopping block. All the way to the left, on the bottom is a big pile of black butterfly dresses. There are 16 to be exact. Each one takes over an hour to make. This doesn't include the time spent cutting the fabric. On top of that are nine teal gather tops. And on top of that is a size run of black gathers. Those are heading out to a boutique.

The middle stack is for another boutique, and it shows a size run of striped butterfly dresses, twelve butterfly tops in black, and a run of all black racer backs.

The stack all the way to the right is for a third boutique and it is made up of twelve partially completed striped butterflies (I posted about them a few days ago) and twelve butterfly dresses in all black.

That's a complete 100yd roll of black cotton fabric in three days.

These stacks don't include partial orders stacked throughout my room, and things waiting to be pressed, tagged, or packed.

This economy has me working harder than ever. I used to think I worked hard (back when I had the luxury of taking a half-hour for lunch and could sit and watch Dexter. I now work through lunch and will probably be turning the volume up while I watch Dexter so I can hear it over the buzz of my machine.

This rant is for anyone who is getting frustrated with any indie seller or mom and pop shop. Things take time. Many people are doubling up the chores, pulling all-nighters, and working overtime to stay afloat. Be cool. Before you send that rude email stop and think, the world doesn't revolve around you. Everyone has to wait in line and no one - especially not me - wants to make the wait any longer.


  1. Patricia, that sucks. People just need to be more patient, period. Or maybe that chick had a crappy day and decided to take it out on you. l

    Whatever it is, that's no excuse to treat someone rudely. Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that she's probably not a very happy person and obviously doesn't like herself too much? Ugh.

  2. You are a one woman show and you do your work well. Maybe she didn't read where you said that everything is custom made. Custom takes time. She's a snot rag...which is a compliment because I wanna call her another type of rag

  3. I am baffled that anyone in their right mind would send out a mail like that..

  4. It used to happen a lot, but since I stopped selling on eBay this is the first rude email I've gotten in months.

  5. Yeah, the rest of her email really sounded unhappy. It really sucks because I haven't had to deal with mean people since I got off eBay.