Thursday, August 27, 2009

I just read Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods YIKES!

I try to read every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes I post pics of my house and you can see my enormous bookshelves. These are usually double stacked, so the rows of books you see are hiding more rows of books. I read and re-read books: I write in them and fold pages and put the dates I read them on the inside covers.

A couple months ago the Discovery Channel (maybe it was National Geographic Channel) was running a two hour special on Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods. It was fascinating. A book about aliens inhabiting the Earth before humans or co-existing with them, written by a guy who was locked up when it hit the stands, what's not fascinating about that.

My boyfriend is utterly intrigued by people and their crazy obesssion with religions: Scientology, snake handling, purple Kool-Aid, you name it. So when I saw the documentary I immediately recognized the book as one that was on one of our shelves - somewhere.

It's only about 150 pages long and is a pretty easy read. I've already mentioned the premise: that aliens visited Earth sometime in the past and left their marks in the ruins of civilizations. Most of the stuff is way too far-fetched for me. For instance, Von Daniken proposes that giants from Mars could be responsible for the pyramids or Stonehenge - GIANTS FROM MARS - funny.

Even more out there than theories of giants using 10-ton blocks as Legos are this guy's interpretations of the Bible. Only a few ticks shy of having the J-man partying with little green men, and Moses smoking spacegrass from a titanium bong with cruise control, the author does more than read between the lines: he reads above, below and all around them.

The book was written in 1968, and according to Von Daniken the readers' childrens' children will probably live on Mars. By that logic the girls who model for my site should be missing photo shoots because they got into a wreck with a meteor that ran a red light and not because they were hung over.

To sum it up, Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods is hilarious. It's well worth the $7.00 and few hours it will take you to read it.


  1. Awesome book review...sad to find that your models are STILL bailing on you...what's up with that? And thanks for linking me on your site, very cool of you.

  2. The way author has presented it makes it a good read. It is short and concise.
    We can easily read it in one day or maximum 2 days. The content is worth noting. The other books on the subject which I read looks like an elaboration of this. I guess this is the father of all such theories and books that came later.

    Few things that author predicted about Mars in 1969 has materialized in present world already. As others said many things are repeated but I felt it is required to bring the reader back to context unlike textbooks where u expect reader to have learned the previous stuff.

    This also helps to invoke our imaginative side of the brain and figure out few things your own if you are that into the subject. A mixture of this book with knowledge or Indian real history(so called mythology) could do wonders to your thought process.

    Good read guys!