Monday, August 10, 2009

Early CD REVIEW of Chuck Ragan Gold Country

I don't normally let reviews leak out early, but a great many of my youthful memories somehow have this Chuck Ragan's voice in the background - usually on CD, but a few times live. People from the Orlando/Gainesville area look to Hot Water Music like most others look to their local sports team. So when I get an advance of any band that involves Chuck Ragan or Chris Wollard; both former members of Hot Water Music I like to do what I can to help spread the word.

Chuck Ragan's Gold Country will be released on Side One Dummy records on September 1st 2009

It was once the “Hot Water Music” sound. Then it became the “Gainesville” sound. Shortly after that the progenitors of that sound went their separate ways. Former HWM front man Chuck Ragan has now established the “Chuck Ragan” sound, and it is captured in its purest form on Gold Country, Ragan’s second proper release on SideOneDummy. The new album boasts of that familiar coarse voice, deep acoustic guitar, and harmonica. While all of the material on this release is new, you will most likely feel like you’re listening to a set of bonus tracks or b-sides from 2007’s Feast Or Famine, as many of the melodies and chord progressions are very similar.

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