Thursday, July 16, 2009

the Post Office is at it again

As if this move hasn't been enough trouble the Post Office has stuck another thorn in my side. A few days ago they ruined a bag of purse closures that I ordered. I guess they weren't done having fun at my expense because they really got to me with their latest exploit.

When someone moves they usually fill out a change of address form for each person in the house. This change of address form used to be available at the Post Office. You'd fill it out and hand it over to a clerk and all your mail would get forwarded to your new address. NOT ANY MORE!!

Now you have to go online ( and fill out a change of address form and pay $1.00 per addressee. I had four: me, my boyfriend, my business and my dba. That's a total of four bucks. This really wouldn't have been a big deal if that's all it took.

But wait, there's more. Doing it the old way you could expect your mail to find you in a day or two. Well, I'd been in my new house for 15 days with no mail when I finally got a confirmation from the Post Office - ONE SINGLE CONFIRMATION - not four like I paid for. And it said "if you have not received mail at your new address call 1 800 ask usps" so I called.

They wanted me to re-pay. The guy on the phone accused me of lying about filing the change of address form. He said there was nothing he could do and transferred me to an automated recording to enter my credit card and pay for four more address change requests. I ended up having to call back and gave him one hell of a tongue lashing. The jerk makes at least $40,000 a year to answer phones. YES, $40,000 to answer phones. That's what those criminals at the Post Office get paid JUST TO START. My $4.00 may only be .00001% of that, but when I pay for something I want it.

So I went to my old Post Office. Those people are so worthless they're actually part of the reason I moved. I payed over $12,000 last year in postage and they treated me like a jackass and that's what they did yesterday.

Some cubicle jockey gave me the typical "my hands are tied" speech. So I got a little loud and the Post Master came out. What do you know: I have the receipt and none of my address changes went through and they had a pile of my mail in the back. WORTHLESS!!!! The United States Post Office is worthless and run by incompetent, slack-jawed bottom feeders who all probably took remedial math and barely passed.

Bottom line: I don't expect my mail to get forwarded, that would be too smart a solution. It looks like I'll be driving across town every couple weeks to argue just to get my mail. It's gonna be a long August this year.


  1. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience, however, I take extreme offense to what you have posted here. My husband works for the USPS as does his mother. My father-in-law is retired from the USPS. Your opinion should be limited to those people with whom you had a problem.
    I came to your site with money to spend. I will be spending it elsewhere.

  2. Sorry I lost your business and sorry all your relations are incompetent.

  3. What the professional you are. I would not consider someone who fought in three wars and worked in national security to defend morons such as yourself incompetent. Please do not bother to respond. I do not want to take time away from your daily business of making garments that belong in Alloy catalogs.

  4. No wonder we haven't actually won a war since WWII and no wonder hee-haw socialites are sneaking into White House parties. By the way, Costanza, a comeback looses its snap when it takes you three months to come up with it.