Friday, July 24, 2009


I try to take a trip to Argentina and visit my grandmother in July every year but the economy is so bad I had to cancel my trip this year. I'm usually so excited to go around that time of year because seasons in Argentina are reverse, so July is really the middle of winter.

I decided that since I can't visit this year, the next best thing is to find Etsy sellers in Argentina.

soleilduautomne makes the cutest pumps and they come in so many colors! I also read that she sells at the San Telmo handcrafted fair. This is one of the coolest places I've ever seen. Check out this link to pics of this amazing neighborhood in Buenos Aires (I found this link through her profile):

This handmade sweater from ledimi is a steal at only $50! How amazing would this look with a pair of dark tights! She also has one in white

and finally, look how cute this silver handmade ring from mujoyas is and it's only $55


  1. Wow!Patricia, you have discovered great artists from my place, Argentina. Thank you so much for including my ring here, I feel so honored.

    mU from mujoyas

  2. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I am very happy to be in your blog. I was watching your etsy page and you have great things too. San Telmo is an interesting neighborhood isn´t it? Big hug from Argentina!

  3. Ow I love those knitted pumps!!! I definetelly will look for them next time in San Telmo. It's me favorite place to hunt cool stuffs and of course always get something for me :D