Monday, June 8, 2009

pics in my living room

This batch of pics was taken in my living room at around midnight. I set the lights up so it would look like a dark room on a rainy day with the window shade open just a little bit. I used a 520W spotlight in front with a 100W clear bulb in the back. I used a super slow shutter speed (400-800) so the images would be grainy and crusty. The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold Top. Here you can also see four copies of Catcher in the Rye on the shelf. They don't really stand out, but I made the curtains from muslin.

Here's an up close shot. I used the 520W spotlight to create a haze on the left side of the screen - kinda like an old 70's photo. Behind the model is my '57 Harmony, my Gretsch 5120, and a nylon string Yamaha classical.

The couch is actually a really ugly blue so I covered it with earth tone blankets for a classic look. The mallard painting and mallard lamp are yard sale items. Keep in mind, all of my pics are taken on a crappy Kodak Easy Share camera. I usually take about 500 pics for these photo shoots and get about ten that are usable.

This is a raw, unedited pic. Behind the model you can see a collection of William Faulkner novels, a French copy of The Little Prince, and just barely - if you look really hard behind the mallard lamp - you can see an old issue of TIME magazine dedicated to Elvis.

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