Monday, June 15, 2009

photography studio in my dining room

So this is where I take all of the photos you see on my site, my etsy account, and auctions. It's not that impressive when you step back. What you're really looking at is my dining room. Every couple of nights I tear the place apart and set up all of this gear to take pics of my clothing.

The light set is a Lowell three point set up with a flood light, a fill light with reflective umbrella, and a small spot light. I also use three 100W bulbs in the ceiling fan. The lights cause the temperature to jump up about 15 degrees in the room, so those hot FL nights can be tough even with the AC on.
In front of the lights is a roll of Savage seamless backdrop paper. I like gray because it looks clean. Behind the backdrop is a bookshelf with PART of my CD collection. The shelf is handmade. I got it from a small furniture store here in Orlando a few years ago for $20.00. If you look closely you'll see the Misfits boxset on the shelf along with a Bob Dylan boxset and the Waylon Jennings boxset.

Notice there are no posters or art on the walls. This is because I need all the light I can get to bounce off the white space. The wood floors are nice, but I use a rug I got from Target because it keeps things from sliding around. In the very front of the pic is a mirror leaning on a small step ladder. The models use it to keep a constant eye on their hair, make-up and poses.

If you have a home studio send me a link, I'd like to see it.

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