Thursday, June 11, 2009

flounce dress picture blues

I have been planning these pictures for about three weeks. The concept seemed pretty simple: get a girl to come over, put on the dress, and pose in my backyard. Boy, was I wrong!!! With all the rain, people not showing up, people showing up late, and crappy direct sunlight the task proved impossible.

See how well lit the inside of the Florida room is? Don't think for a minute that it was just magical sunlight. That's a 580W movie studio quality barn door light with a blue filter. Below is a crappy pic without the back light.

Here's the pic without the backlight. What a mess. In addition to everything else, I just wasn't feeling it today. It was about 96 degrees and humid as all hell.

On a lighter note, the midnight blue flounce dress came out amazing and I have about 20 yards of the fabric. So if you like what you see let me know.

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