Tuesday, June 2, 2009

corset switchblade and stolen bikes photoshoot

Here are a couple of out takes from the photo shoot I did last night. I wanted to show how a little bit of attention to detail can go a long way. These are unedited so they look pretty crappy. Once they're cropped and the iffy lighting it corrected I'll posted them.

Here's a raw, unedited outtake from the shoot I did last night. These pics were taken in my garage using a regular old point & shoot camera. I also didn't use any special lighting. The foreground is lit with a 200W bulb and the background is lit with a 100W.

Since the corset top was green I wanted to offset it with lots of red without making it look Christmas-y. So I figured toolboxes and garage stuff would do the trick.

I positioned the red toolbox, compressor, toolcart, gas can, and all of the boxes I could find with red labels in the back. We then dyed Jill's hair red. Since blue or black jeans would have been too dark for this shoot I had her wear white.

Notice in the background, the Bad Girls' Guide To Bike Theft book. I made it out of news print and just printed it on my printer and taped it over an old bio-chem book. I also stuck an old issue of Prick magazine in the background. The bike is my 1954 Huffy cruiser.

Believe it or not, all of the tools in these pics are probably worth more than most people's cars.

This one is set up so that it looks like she's grinding on a vintage Schwinn fender - see the above pic - however, in this pic you can easily see that I clamped a random old piece of metal to the toolcart and that's what she's grinding on to make all the sparks.

I took the back pics on a really dark setting to better show the sparks. They didn't come out exactly as I hoped, but they're good enough.

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