Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pics of my house

Megan is playing my 1957 Harmony
H162 - she's not actually playing here, she's tuning it. I scored that guitar for $40 a few weeks ago. It's my best sounding guitar.

Behind her is a dresser from the 1940's that I snagged for $25 five years ago. You'll be seeing lots of it in the next weeks weeks because I really like the color.

This bookshelf is from Ikea. There's a couple of funny things here. First, all of those books are double stacked - there's a whole other row of books behind what you see. Second, this was a display model when I bought it. It was half price, but the catch was that I had to take it as-is with no delivery. So, my boyfriend and I brought his truck down to load it up. We measured the truck and checked it against the dimensions listed on the Ikea website -WRONG!! The shelf was a half inch bigger than the site said. When we attempted to take it apart to load it, I undid one screw and the thing fell into 50 pieces. So yeah, we like to read a lot over here.

Right next to Megan's head is a copy of The Little Prince. It's my favorite book ever. This copy is in Spanish and I got it from the largest, most prestigious bookstore in Argentina.

I live in a typical Florida house. Those of you who watch Dexter know what that is. Rachel is standing in what we call a "Florida room." I made the dress from scratch and the look and fit are spot on vintage 1950's. I'll have them up on etsy is sizes S, M, and L.

The super cute animal paintings came from Berkley Illustration on etsy.
The hardcover copy of The Little Prince is from the mid-50's and it's a first edition in English.

I hope these pics and stories inspire you to go out and find something cool for your place. As you can see, sometimes you don't really need a lot of money to make things look cool. Let me know what you find.


  1. I love that dresser, what a find! Your place looks really nice..It looks like a relaxing enviorment to work in.

  2. I really got lucky on that one. It seems like the perfect backdrop for picture taking. What's funny is that my house is actually a total mess. Next week I'm going to post more behind the scenes pics to show what it looks like behind the camera with all of the lighting gear and mayhem.

    I'll also be showing my sewing room - it's disaster.

  3. I love the dresser too - it's gorgeous. I'm also quite jealous of the little prince first edition - what a find!

  4. I found that copy of the Little Prince in a small bookstore in Washington DC for only $10.00. I've got quite a collection of the Little Prince books and I might start using them as my signature in all of my pics. Be on the lookout to see where he pops up next.

  5. Another fan of the Little Prince...I was beginning to think I was the only one! I'm just finishing my half sleeve that's completely dedicated to the Little Prince and all the characters he comes upon in his journey...and I pretty much have to explain it to everybody! An amazing story, so many people can learn so many things from it...it was cool to see that you added it in your picture.

  6. I've always thought about getting a Little Prince tattoo.

  7. I really enjoyed a peek into your personal quarters. I've never seen dexter and don't know what a florida room is. Please elaborate. Like a sun room?

  8. that's exactly what it is, almost all older houses in Fl have one.