Thursday, May 28, 2009

2:00AM mess up

So most places in the States get about 20 inches of rain in a year and they bitch - F - U Las Vegas and your perfect dry climate. Well, FL gets about 60 inches, and we've already gotten 32. And I think most of it came down yesterday ON MY HOUSE. But when inspiration hits there's nothing you can do.

In the middle of a downpour - of fucking Biblical proportions - I had an idea, but no fabric. I ran out to the fabric store in the rain and got this really pretty blue fabric. I then came back home and made a mock-up of a new dress idea. The mock-up came out fine. I then stayed up until 2:00AM making the dress and in the end it just wasn't what I wanted. Luckily I bought twice as much fabric as I needed so I can remake it today. That's the bad dress in the shit can.

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